Third Airbnb: A Cozy Loft In Tokyo


Dropped off my bags and dropped in the city

My first two Airbnb experiences were in Thailand in two different cites and both were amazing! One was near the beach and the other was on the 29th floor! But for stay number three, I was in the heart of the city!

…wow, I really overkilled the exclamation point huh.

Since this was a last minute trip and we weren’t sure how many days we would be staying, I hunted Airbnb for something that was in a great location and not obnoxiously priced.

Many of the places in Tokyo were cramped and single level. And since I didnt want 60 usd per night to be stolen come out my pocket, I thought I would have to settle for the awkwardly shaped and tiny apartments.


I found this baby for only 27 usd per night and it was loft style which meant we could have a bit of wiggle room and not crawl all over one another.


Located near two metro lines was a plus and also near one of the express lines that went straight to Shibuya (an area we spent alot of time in). It was about a 10 minute walk to the metro, one transfer and 15 minutes to the famous busy crossroads of Shibuya. From Narita airport (Which both are far out of the city regardless) it was about an hour and a half with three transfers.


Not going to lie, the hallway was cramped and when I walked through the doors I couldn’t help but to try and figure out how a bathroom and bedroom fit in such a small space. Luckily however, I was distracted by how CLEAN it was. Definitely 5 stars. It felt like I was the inaugural guest.

You know how most places smell like moth balls and the elderly? Well, this place smelled like plastic. Fresh, squeaky clean plastic.

Walking through the door, it was maybe 20 feet to the opposite wall. The “living room” was big enough for two people to sit and have a pow wow IF you remembered to keep your luggage behind the ladder that led to the loft.

Step up and to the left is the shower closet
The full length mirror was a life saver and bonus


There were no special amenities. They had body washes, towels, blow dryers, an electric tea pot and cutlery, sufficient blankets (even though, the air conditioning unit did a pretty amazing job).


Though the place was visibly small, it was cozy and perfect. Good news also, it didn’t have thin walls. The shower was its own little closet and so was the toilet. However, i’m 5’7 and I couldn’t close the toilet door fully without being uncomfortable, so unless you’re super comfortable with your travel companion, I wouldn’t advise on this booking in that regard.

I loved how the sleeping area was in a loft also, but once again, if your’e not a fan of heights, trying to come down the ladder (Thats bolted to the wall, thankfully) might take some time.

Upside, check in was a breeze. The keys were in a lock box attached to the doors.

Aerial view from the loft
I would’ve loved to sleep in every morning


Ultimately, I had three “favorites” associated with my humble abode…

  1. The water pressure in the shower closet was the best i’ve ever had. I felt like I was in a spa every time I walked in and closed the doors.
  2. Check in was simple enough, but we did run into a bit of confusion. luckily, theres was futuristic t.v we could contact the landlord through in the hall way like facetime.
  3. Location, location, location…It was convenient and not busy at all where this air bnb was located. Perfect for grabbing snacks at the corner store and winding down.
Shower closet, literally

Over all, I give this home away from home experience 5 stars.

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