Birthdays & Engagements : A MaJaiKhal Experience

The season is finally getting some chill to it and it seems that Hot Girl Summer is truly beginning to take a back seat. 

I’m enjoying weekends brunching and taking photos with friends who sometimes feel like family. 

The musically talented “Cruel Buddhist” and first lady Mao

I was invited to a surprise Earthday (Birthday) celebration for Khay. I can’t remember when we met honestly, but her impact on my life has been so subtle and pure. She’s the type of woman who’s smile announces her presence, who’s skin is always thorough moisturized and who’s being is just so full of light present, past and future. Originally from South Africa and of Xhosa decent, she lets me learn freely from her and cheers me on at my attempts at the Vosho, with or without my wig in place.

The sunflower Khay and I

So when her girlfriend, Jai, added me to her surprise birthday group, I was excited to pick out a satin black, sleeveless dress in all efforts to keep it classy for her special day. 

I arrived with a mutual friend to the venue, a Mediterranean themed restaurant near West Nanjing and automatically spotted our crew, some faces new, some old, of diverse expats laughing and drinking on the covered, outdoor patio. 

Girl power in these Shanghai streets

Sunflowers and candles adorned every table as we hugged and caught up. Soon Jai textes all of us to let us know she was on her way. 

Khay would be blindfolded and so we hushed everyone quickly and waited for the car to arrive. 

It was adorable watching Jai lead her, unsuspecting right by us, through the treacherous Shanghai streets. As soon as she came through the doors of the restaurant a loud “Happy Birthday” brought everyone to attention. 

I happily snapped as many pictures of the birthday girl’s reaction. 

When the cake came out everyone started winding down and gathered to hear Jai give, in true spiritual fashion, full of high vibration, compassion and thought, a Birthday speech that only someone in love could give. 

I had heard her speak before, and her demeanor never shifted from its calmness but there was something different…

And when she got down on one knee…

Khay’s expression are enough to make anyone grin

Literally the WHOLE restaurant exploded. People were at the windows inside frantically tapping their dates, standing and clapping. There was screaming and before It came to me to snap some shots of the momentous moment I slapped the floor like someone’s Nigerian aunty.

It was literally the most beautiful moment I’ve witnessed this year. Literally…

Khay spun around in shock with both hands over her mouth, every inch of tissue pulled tight in impending excitement, shoulders nearly touching her ears. 

When she turned back to Jai, over the noise and screams still going strong we saw her say the words yes before Jai slid the ring on her finger. 

And of course there was a meaning behind the stone Jai chose! In the picture above, the ring is made from a citrine stone. Citrine’s energy and color are the reasons that this stone is associated with the sun. The stone drives out darkness. Literally love drives out darkness.

Thank you Jai and Khay for lighting up my life.

2 thoughts on “Birthdays & Engagements : A MaJaiKhal Experience

  1. Real Southern Ninja Tears… this is beautifully expressed as only a beautiful soul can express, I am deeply touched and full of grace and admiration for your captivating words & documentation of our love story. No one could do it better than what you did that night for us from your heart 🌻 with love from Shanghai, yours truly~Stephens-Sigula’s


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